5. Nuclear reactors and Christian concern.

The atomic bomb: revisiting the metaphysics.  Our Western mind, always curious to know how things work, determined by way of analysis and experiment, that matter and energy are interchangeable qualities.

This insight initiated an inquiry that studied the elements of matter, found that uranium is slightly unstable, and then developed a process that would cause a chain reaction in its atoms, which results in a parcel of matter being converted into copious quantities of pure energy.

Two bombs, that made use of this principle, were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in 1945. We still feel bad about this. It is worth entering on the credit side of the ledger, that these weapons have not been used since then, more than seventy years ago. An indication of the depth of common sense and concern, that lives within the broad spectrum of nations that people this planet.

I commend to everyone these photographs of a bomb blast in progress. Allow the metaphysics of this process to sink in. That we can in turn consider the metaphysics of the processes going on inside of our nuclear reactors. These are in effect like “slow atomic bombs”, with the fission process confined inside a massive heavy steel cylinder. We know how to control and slow down the fission process in these conditions. Fuel rods, formed of uranium, are made to burn inside the reactor. The heat from this fire is used to boil water, raise steam that goes to produce electricity for industrial and domestic use.

These photographs of a ‘nuclear weapon test’ allow us to see in general terms the evolving relationship and marriage of the two idiosyncratic pantomime figures, Mr Masculine Strength and Ms. Feminine Power, who formed themselves from the energy released a moment before from the parcel of uranium.

Nuclear Reactors:  While we can follow the relationship of these two archetypal “energetic entities”, when they meet in the open, we have no means of observing their behaviour within the confines of a nuclear reactor. I would suggest that the marriage scenario is redundant in these circumstances.

About half of the energy in the bundle of forces that together form ‘nuclear energy’, is … pure Light. Whereas the bomb(s) release this holy stuff in one quick intense flash, the reactors arrange for the uranium fuel to burn slowly, creating in effect a “fire of burning light”, which in time (say, a year) releases the same quanta of Light contained in the one momentary blinding flash from the bomb.

The fire in the reactor is managed to burn slowly and steadily. The reactor design allows for the heat from the fire to be drawn off and sent to make electricity.

We must use our mythic imagination to visualise the metaphysics of the processes going on inside the reactors. I understand the idea of “burning Light” to be as a masculine effect. The same symbolism as we ascribe to the fiery nature of our Sun. This helps us see how the fission process within the reactors makes no use of feminine energy, of the feminine qualities within nuclear energy.

The electromagnetic stuff. The precious field that forms when women are around. That contributes half of the energy that is in each and every atom: and half of what is here in us humans. This tender power does not burn. Then, for heaven’s sake, what happens to it in the reactor? I am inclined to think that the feminine aspect is the quotient that becomes the radioactive energy. Love turned to vinegar. Ouch. The electromagnetic power becomes sour, becomes very pain-full. Fission in the reactor causes this precious quality to become the radioactive effect that burns others with its stinging distress.

Radiation: the pain of fission.   Factors that can not be left out of this inquiry concerns the complete mess of the particle population when they emerge from our reactors. They are bruised and hurting and crying with such intense distress that no one dare go near them. The atomic particles who are fissioned as they pass through the reactor, they will live for aeons in a state of unrelenting distress and despair.

They are so dis-eased that we can never return them to their homeland. They will only communicate their dis-ease to others. They are outcasts now and forever more.

I would stir into this discourse my concern for people working in and around the nuclear reactors. For many, it is simply a trade that supplies a wage. About half of the work at any reactor is devoted to hiding and denying the harm we cause in the world one step down from where we are. We conspire together to look the other way because we are addicted beyond belief to an uninterrupted supply of electricity. We are drugged to the eyebrows with this expectation. Only that I have glimpsed how the same kinds of energy are here in us, as are between the atomic particles do I fuss and fret, and also get hopeful about this whole subject. And say we need to put our expectations to one side, take the pressure off of the supply line, and look again at what we are up to down there.

The authorities responsible for operating the nuclear reactors are now committed to constructing waterproof underground repositories where the highly radioactive materials can effectively be locked away for ever more, that no one need ever again hear or consider the fear and anguish of the fissioned particles.

The public, conditioned also to fear and stay away from the effect that we know as radiation, or radioactivity, are persuaded to believe in nuclear powered electricity by the emphasis on the engineering skills and research going on to make the deep burial concept look modern and right.

The colonial angle.  As a younger man I worked in and around the nuclear business, and wondered … why is it that this vast enterprise feels so familiar and of national interest? Several insights and my experience of feeling the raw sadness of radiation needed lining up for me to realise … why!, it is because we are working in the Atomic World as colonists.

History is repeating itself. We enterprising Brits. are back in the colonising business. The same as with our behaviour in Africa, and the Americas and Australasia, India and Ireland and lots of other places. That imperious spirit, who arrived I think with the Romans, has made himself at home in the nation, more especially in the Anglo Saxon faction. Londinium is a latter-day Rome.

I am speaking in part from experience. My father was a British colonial administrator. Most of his working life was in Kenya. I was born there and grew up in a household redolent with colonial attitude and behaviour.

Even while Britain relinquished its Empire ambitions and holdings, this same adventurous acquisitive imperial spirit was looking around downstairs in the Atomic World, firstly for military advantage, and then for commercial reward.

History is repeating itself. We are repeating ourselves. Being now as one of the front runners in the headlong scramble to explore and exploit the newly discovered sub-continent of ‘Atomica’. Yet the general response is to shake our heads and deny it. “Us colonising the Atomic World ! What nonsense ! We are just being scientific. That’s all that interests us.”

Being as colonists in the Atomic World is a profoundly useful insight. It stands up to scrutiny of every kind. It is better by far than being anti-nuclear. It is about us waking up to who and where we are in this big deep universal family system, wherein the atomic particles are as the next generation, perhaps even the place where we ourselves came from. Who knows. But it behooves us to press the pause button and dwell upon the sure signs that we are part of a much bigger story than we can present see.

History is repeating itself. An ‘apartheid’ mood and philosophy now governs how we see and think about, and treat, the native population of the hidden sub-continent of ‘Atomica’. it is not difficult to look into the particle world with social acumen and compassion, in order to realise the sentient nature of this realm, the social nature of the particle population who “people” this next floor down dimension.

The worst case scenario is that what goes on inside of our reactors is similar to the unforgiving processes of the Holocaust. I would really lose heart in Humanity if this were the case. The parallels with the Atlantic Slave Trade are bad enough as it is.

My Christianised Western mind wants to encourage the Churches to look for themselves in at what I think of as the spiritual nature of nuclear energy. “Four-interactive-forces” are in each and every atom, says nuclear physics, with confidence. Okay. That was brilliant deductive inquiry. But you missed realising that three of these forces are forms of Love. I think the Church will recognise them as Amos, Agape, Eros. The fourth is a form of Light. The religious term -‘God’s Will’ – seems to fit this quality.

When nuclear weapons become a hot topic, then the religious authorities tend to claim the high ground and pronounce from there on the morality of nuclear warfare. They can hardly be faulted at this level. Still, I’d suggest they’ll find it more useful to get down on their knees and listen to the cries of distress coming up through the floorboard of our dimension, from the ravaged remnants of the uranium tribes sent through the fiery furnaces of our reactors.

Come on religious people. We need to get our heads around the metaphysics of the atom. Bring Christ to look around downstairs in this next level of life in our shared universal home. Jesus. What are we up to down there. That we think it acceptable to cause this amount of suffering to reside within a fringe element of the many elemental nations who together populate this neighbouring dimension, which is inside of the dimension that we inhabit.

I am in the mood to say, the stratigraphic geography of our Universe means we are working in the realm downstairs from us, with hardly any awareness or concern for the population of this smaller world: siphoning off their social and spiritual energy, to make our electricity: that we can be ever yet more prosperous and comfortable here where we are.

Jesus. A rhetorical question.  Do I reveal the horror of our nuclear work, the way that I see it ?      You said, the book says that you said … “as you sew, so shall you reap”.  And then there is this other teaching. “Resist not evil”.

What does this mean in this context, in this view I have, of nuclear reactors being as a new form of slavery. Being the modern equivalent of the Atlantic Slave Trade. How best to respond to an insight that sees cruelty, family life being dissolved, pain and relentless despair for the particle population who were subjected to the fission process.

I have been helped in evolving a response by reading Deepak Chopra’s thoughts on the whole subject of resisting evil. Here is a summary of how he thinks we (me) should consider the insight of nuclear reactors being (my very worst perception) like Holocaust chambers.

He says … learning how to overcome evil without resisting it involves a process. (Isn’t this the dynamic we were drawn in to observe as Luke Skywalker struggled to confront his father). Deepak highlights how our response to what we perceive as evil changes as we (me) in turn move through different stages of consciousness. Evil has many shades and degrees, he says, and once they are fully examined, evil turns out to be my own shadow(s) finding outward expression because they are unresolved inwardly.

Hmmm …. Deepak says it is very important that we allow our perceptions to shift. Otherwise we remain locked in a rigid hatred or fear of what we fear, and our (my) own shadow is pushed yet further out of sight.

Brooding on our (my) negative traits isn’t going to bring the shadow to light. One act that will is confession. The aim here, he says, isn’t to confess to God so much as to relate to your own shadow in a new way. Deepak says the shadow is the hidden area of the self where forbidden feelings are hidden. I had a reservoir of anger, which I was, which I am, reluctant to own. I would like to say, it has abated with time. But maybe the feeling still drives me unconsciously.

I was, I am, angry, in a covert way, at being obliged to spend ten years of my childhood in boarding schools. This privileged form of education (as it was presented to me) was entirely countered by unaddressed feelings of abandonment. So I felt quite some antipathy to the British colonial system and its treatment of others, its unassailable rank and authority, because that is where my father’s loyalty went, which then determined my upbringing. To my mind, we are working these days and years as colonists in the Atomic World. History is repeating itself. That British colonial instinct is as strong as ever. My gut reaction was to resist and challenge it. But along the way, I saw how a good look in at the nuclear processes allowed me, allows us Humanity, to move more into our universal nature. Recognise that it is the same energy in us as is amongst the atomic particles. This is the key that unlocks a door in our mind, that we can then see fundamentals like the spiritual nature of nuclear energy and the holographic nature of our Universe. New adventures for the future begin to suggest themselves.

Deepak says … the shadow can not be abolished, so don’t try. Creation is a construct of light and darkness, and so are we. It is this eternal play of good and evil that Jesus wanted people to see, in order that they (we/me) can rise to a higher plane of existence. Yes, I have glimpsed the potential and need we have for this. He doesn’t ask us to conquer evil. Rather, come to terms with it, and this helps us realise that evil is a wound inflicted in separation and healed in unity.