3. Nuclear Fission: a marriage of heavenly forces.

We mainly associate ‘nuclear fission’ with the atomic bombs that were exploded over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in 1945. My intention within these few pages is to draw attention to the social and spiritual nature of the energetic processes which create the flash of light and the mushroom cloud that we find so ominous.

This is a welcome understanding. We simply need to look at the mushroom cloud effect with social and symbolic curiosity. Watch how the cloud forms and changes: recognise at the beginning the masculine and feminine nature of the two big ghostly entities who appear in the upper reaches of the Earth’s atmosphere at the very same moment. These two “energetic entities” interact with each other. The photographs that I have assembled allow us to follow the evolving stages of the relationship that unfolds between these two ‘engendered atomic beings’.

This sequence of photographs (except the first one) were taken by the French military when they were testing a nuclear device in the ’70’s, in the South Pacific. Relax the thought of it being a potential bomb. The real bombshell is in us seeing that this is a marriage process, and excellent evidence of the symmetrical and universal nature of our Universe.

I borrowed the first image (thank you) from an American nuclear test, because it clearly shows the beginning moment of this whole magical story of a marriage, made not so much in heaven, as made of heavenly forces.

We are in effect watching a complete marriage cycle. The whole and often holy process that occupies us humans for forty or fifty years, takes about one minute of our time at the atomic level. Here is a indication of the speed of Life in the Atomic World.

We catch glimpses, by way of these photographs, of the marriage process being followed by these two “engendered atomic beings”. We see them meet in the first instance full of love and longing for the other. Then they together create a stable field of parental power which is good for raising children (though there is no visual evidence of offspring). We then glimpse the fairly separate individual behaviour of these two archetypal beings. The feminine power reaching out sideways, while the masculine force reaches upwards, as far as he can go. The marriage completes with the two engendered characters joining together towards the close of the cycle, to be as one symbolic unit. The suggestion, in the very last image we have of their process, is of the feminine power becoming regal and matronly, being now in her babushka persona, while the masculine force, his role and duties now complete, is spent and declining.

This perception of the social and spiritual nature of the ‘fission process’ replaces in my opinion the mechanistic scientific account used by the physicists and military and the nuclear authorities, as they seek to describe and manage the energy within the atoms.

Visualise “atoms” as being the family and community homes of the particle population: this helps us recognise the parallel and similar nature of the particle world with our human realm. This is exactly what we should expect to find in a system with the name “uni-verse”.

“As above, so below” is how the ancients referred to the family-like symmetry that features in the evenly-spaced realms of planets, people and particles – a quick way to describe our neighbourhood. The symmetry is not so much physical as energetic, and extends, I would suggest, to the same consciousness being here amongst us humans as dwells in the heavens and the atomic realm.

There is ample room in this whole understanding for the religions to come aboard, and see with their wisdom and experience that what nuclear physics knows as ‘nuclear energy’, must surely look or feel like the Holy Spirit to the population of the Atomic World.


I’ll say again my understanding of the developing relationship and family processes that are portrayed by these two mythic archetypal “energetic entities”, who form themselves from the energy released out of the atom, and then meet in the upper atmosphere of our world room.

This first image begins the story. The fission process, in just a few nano-seconds, releases a vast quantity of different forms of energy out of the uranium atoms. We can not see any of this event because this energy is moving at the speed of Light. But then the Earth’s atmosphere slows down this outpouring of pure energy and this photograph captures the very first effect of this explosive release of atomic energy that we get to see.

Observe how this vast field of pure energy has sorted itself into two “energetic entities”. The one is a column of fire and light, muscular and physical, in effect – an archetypal masculine figure. We see him rising with testosterone passion to meet the soft rounded honeybun figure at the top of the picture, a classic archetype of ‘feminine qualities’. These two archetypal entities are already in relationship with each other.

The same energy in us as is in the atoms suggests the same consciousness down there as is here in us. The same longing of the masculine for the feminine: this universal force that plays out in men’s lives, now drives the behaviour of this vigorous cowboy character rising up with passion and longing for the princess figure in the space above him. Sweet Jesus. She is so beautiful. He is giddy with love and desire for her company. Already they are courting and smooching and such like.

This next picture in the series. The young feminine entity and the young masculine force are now married. Their relationship is centred and stable. Her power the equal of his strength. Her love and fullness in harmony with his fire and ambition.

This is where the children of the system are conceived, though there is no immediate evidence of offspring. The main thing to see is the balanced quality of their relationship at this stage. When this stage is complete, then the relationship, changes to allow each part, each partner, to develop and grow into their own particular talents and destiny.

This “growing process” goes on within every individual, said Carl Jung, as he observed how humans mature and change within themselves. Even if we are without a partner, these same two heavenly forces are at work and play inside of us individually, seeking to fulfil an innate inner dynamic that Jung named as “individuation”.

This next image of the universal pair shows the masculine force upright and burning with zeal and ambition. His life purpose is to get as high as he can with his particular talents. His intention sustains his fire. Meanwhile, her maternal nature expands to new horizons. She extends her circle, goes out to meet with others.

Whereas her interests go sideways and connect widely, his are narrow and directed, linear and vertical. She attends to her duties. He burns with his vision.

This fourth image in the series: What on Earth is happening now ? A well-formed sleeve of white material emerges from the tumultuous burning cloud (that looks to be of his making) and descends to surround the upper part of the golden column of his masculine energy: which now appears to be losing its strength and determination.

Is this normal in the later stages of a marriage. I observed something like this happening for my parents. I feel some of it in myself. An instinctive quality in the feminine nature responding to the timeless process of our ageing bodies ?

When the American’s first detonated their atomic bombs, the physicists were totally surprised by the appearance of the ‘mushroom cloud’. It was unexpected. There is nothing in the physics to account for this phenomena. To this day, they still can not explain why it happens.

Here indeed is the Achilles Heel of the scientific method. There is no allowance in physics for the metaphysics. No recognition of the feminine and masculine nature of these two fundamental universal forces. Our knowledge of the Atomic World derives from focusing on the objective nature of this smaller world. But to see the wholeness of the particle realm, we need to value subjective effects and information, that we can equally know and work with the social and spiritual qualities that are within this dimension downstairs from where we humans live.

This is the last clear image we have of the whole fission process. It shows how that “feminine sleeve” has transformed itself into something akin to a robe, a kimono, an apparel with regal and matriarchal qualities. It is an archetypal quality of “the feminine” to change her appearance almost in an instant: to camouflage herself when necessary: to display her allure and beauty as necessary, or dress up to show her nobility and rank. She is fluid and adaptable and supported in this instance by the armature of her partner’s gravity.

‘Fission’ is a misleading term. This is really a process of fusion and union and collaboration that we are given to observe. The union of ‘masculine strength’ with ‘feminine power’.  We humans can not help but recognise this unfolding process, because we are obliged by these same two fundamental intelligent forces, that live equally in us, to seek a creative cooperative relationship with a partnering other.

While it was indeed remarkably astute and observant and clever of the physicists of the late 19th/early 20th Centuries to recognise and determine the physics of the energy in the atom, it is the metaphysics that now needs our interest. My abiding sense is that we are familiar already with much of this subject. It is just that we are shy about owning it.

The figure in this final image has the demeanour and deportment of a Queen. She is commanding and matronly. This surely indicates the quality of the consciousness that has developed within her, during this whole cycle.

Observe the magnified picture of her cloak of “feminine power” (that looked so straight and tidy in the fourth photograph). See how this ‘energetic entity’ has blossomed and filled out.

See also how the fabric of the Queen’s electromagnetic dress is torn. We can see swirls of his golden energy, the stuff that forms the upright frame of the declining King of Gravity, is leaking out of the enclosing gown, yet continues to migrate upwards.


Everyone has countless reasons for believing in the separate self. For staying away from the truth of our universal nature. Observe the fission process from this part of ourselves and see how we are watching a marriage ceremony at the beginning, and then how this couple live together and develop their talents. Somewhere nearby, nicely hidden, we hope there are children in their lives.

The same universal forces at work and play between us humans, as are between and amongst the atomic particles, as are upstairs between the Sun and the Moon. This is an entirely sensible and symmetrical Universe. The nuclear weapon tests reveal as never before the longing for creative union that is between the feminine and masculine forms of energy that our technology releases out of matter. Do the military or the nuclear businesses know this? Not yet. They have schooled themselves to look away. This is primarily civilian knowledge. Then we civilians must develop civil ways to engage with this deeper knowledge.


Some summary observations:

Nuclear Fission allows us to observe the archetypal form and behaviour of these two energetic pantomime ghosts we see emerge as if from a trap door in the floor of our dimension. They take up their positions in the atmosphere of our world and act out a very familiar scenario. It is most useful for us to look into the ‘mushroom cloud’ and realise the universal behaviour of these two universal forms of energy. The same for them as it is for us.

We are witnesses of a procreative partnership. A passion play being acted out by the energetic couple who formed themselves from the energy we released out of matter. At a time when our awareness of the whole wholesome holographic nature of our Universe was at rock bottom.

The same dynamic story, of the fusion and integration of feminine and masculine qualities, goes on within each individual, regardless of whether we are with a partner, said Carl Jung. A process he named as “individuation”.

Jung wrote a commentary <http://www.levity.com/alchemy/roscom.html> to accompany a series of wood-cuts which illustrated the alchemical marriage of masculine and feminine archetypes, and shows how they work together. A final figure in the series of wood-cuts, known as the “Noble Empress”, portrays the symbolic union of these two universal archetypes. A union of their/our different qualities.

I like the idea of the ‘Noble Empress’ being the equivalent of the final form we see at the end of this fission/fusion process. Here is a subject of timeless interest.

I like the rounded and grounded evidence of a sensible symmetry and purpose that marks this big display of nuclear forces: which is otherwise so clouded with alarm and apprehension. This is a symmetrical family-based universal system that we are within. Planets, people, particles – every level washed through and through by the same flux of universal forces. This wholesome reality signalled by the very word: uni-verse.

In this wholesome and holy Universe, the same energetic/spiritual forces pervade and infuse all of matter. Nuclear physics tells us this, using a technical language. So it is not obvious in the beginning that we looking into a living system that brims with love and longing: and also pain and distress, when the atoms – the family homes of the particle population – come apart. This magical Universe. Nuclear Fission can be seen as a Garden of Eden story. Adam and Eve emerging from the background to renew their relationship.

Knowledge of the physics on its own is not enough. Physics and metaphysics compliment each other: together they allow an hologram to form in our minds eye: an hologram that informs us of the whole wholesome holographic nature of our Universe, which highlights the universal nature of us humans. Being rational and mystical at the same time is a commendable skill. Being rational about the mystical, this feels right.


There is a 47 second-long video of this nuclear process at <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwyEO3H2yn4&spfreload=10>

The video is truncated and stops at the very point where the merging process gets mysterious and interesting.

The nuclear test was named as ‘Licorne’ by the French authorities.