1. A good clear deep holographic view of nuclear.

Welcome to an inquiry and conversation about the universal and spiritual nature of nuclear energy. For Heaven’s sake everyone, for Christ’s sake, look with symbolic interest in at the subjective qualities of nuclear energy. We agonise continually over the worst possible use of this ubiquitous form of energy. We identify it with nuclear weapons and their promise of massive death and destruction. The reality waiting to ambush us is how the forms of energy in the atom are the exact same kinds of energy that are here between us humans, and are found especially in family life and in our formative relationships with another.

“Four-interactive-forces”, says nuclear physics, are in each and every atom. They are known everywhere as Gravity, Electromagnetism, the Strong and the Weak Nuclear Forces. Now, underline this realisation: how these ‘four forces’ are recognised and named entirely on the basis of their objective properties. In other words, for their physical characteristics.

The new work we need to do, is to get to know the subjective qualities of these same four forces. My initial response was to discover the wonderfully familiar nature of the ‘four forces’, when seen in an introspective way. They are familiar because they fill and form my experience of family life. Once we/you see this, there is no going back. The only way forward with our nuclear work is to go in deeper.

Here in outline is my subjective interpretation of the ‘four-interactive-forces’ that nuclear physics says are responsible for all the behaviour of the atomic particles.

‘Gravity’is the pragmatic objective name for the authoritative masculine force, the patriarchal energy, that father’s traditionally manifest and bring to and use in the average human family. ‘Electromagnetism’is an observant name for the constantly circulating field of maternal awareness and feminine power that emanates from the mother figure in the family. The ‘Strong Nuclear Force’ is a practical name for the expansive elastic accommodating friendly collective energy that binds and holds together the very different people whom fate and biology bring together to form a family. And the quirky relatively miniscule ‘Weak Nuclear Force’I would posit is a measure of sexual longing and desire that is discretely embedded in the family system, and influential way beyond its physical strength.

This is a sensible and energetically symmetrical uni-verse. The ‘four universal forces’ in each and every atom are equally here within and amongst us humans. Atoms in this account, deserve to be recognised as the family systems and homes for the particle population.

I’m sorry and happy to say … we have to go back to the drawing board with our nuclear technologies. The military and the nuclear industry and their governments needs to consider if it is sensible to be working in an whole other dimension of this multi-dimensional universe, and focusing exclusively on the objective nature of the particle world while ignoring the subjective nature and data coming from the nuclear process that we cause to happen.


I am seeking in this web site to develop an whole view of the Atomic World, and an holistic view of the energy that is there between the atomic particles, and here, between us humans. It is a fairly obvious comparison. If it appears difficult, I would suggest this is because we put the scientific account on a pedestal, give it exclusive authority to explain the Atomic World to us, that we then fail to appreciate and recognise the identical range of universal forces here within us. The ‘four forces’ that physics identifies in the atom, that we experience in ourselves … note how three of these forces are forms of Love, while the fourth (Gravity) is a form of Light.

Once we treat objective and subjective data as being of equal value, see how the one compliments and empowers the other, then the Atomic World begins to look like the next-floor-down dimension of this shared multi-tiered system of family systems that creates our experience of a Universe.

The same energy in us as is down there between the particles suggests that the same energetic processes will go on for the particles as happen for us humans here at our level. With this premise in mind, I will comment on the processes of nuclear fission, as are portrayed in this series of photographs taken of a nuclear weapon test.

Look slowly and softly at the unfolding processes. See how, in the first image (the photo on the left) two “energetic entities” appear at the same moment in the upper atmosphere of our world. They have formed themselves out of the energy released a moment earlier out of a parcel of uranium. The one form is typically masculine, the other is classically feminine. These two ‘entities’ immediately form an intense sexually-charged relationship with each other.

‘Fission’ is a misleading term. We are in fact watching a process of fusion and union with the other. We are witnessing the marriage of these two archetypal forms of universal energy. In the space of about one minute, we see these two archetypal figures fulfil what looks to be a complete cycle of love and commitment to each other. It is the very same universal process that we humans seek to enact with a partner in the course of our humans lives.

I have developed a ‘page’ (“Nuclear Fission: the marriage of heavenly forces”) in this web site to describe in more detail the evolving relationship of these two “ghostly energetic entities”.

The same energy in us as is down inside of the atoms. The same universal processes here as there. This is a deeply sensible and symmetrical Universe: formed of family systems, one inside the other. A universal system of family systems. An holographic system, the same as the Russian dolls portray.

This “new view of nuclear” needs us to assimilate the whole idea of the Atomic World being downstairs and inside of the dimension where we humans exist. At some stage (beginning about here) we need to consider how the Atomic realm is inside our human field of consciousness: in the same way that we humans are inside the field of Light consciousness that we experience formed by the Sun and the Moon.

Our nuclear reactors work for us by stripping the social and spiritual energy out from between the atomic particles, just to say what no one want to consider. They are too similar to Holocaust chambers for comfort.

Next steps.  The same energy in us as is in the atoms flags up the potential we have to create some kind of remedial process, to address the phenomena of radiation. I like the promise of this insight and have ideas how to progress it. It is mainly women’s work. For they have the energetic quality, the electromagnetic maternal power, when they are in good heart, that feels to have just the right ‘timbre’ to soothe the bruised and burnt particles who emerge stinging with pain from our nuclear reactors. We men can help this potentially healing process by supporting the women.

And if a collective spiritual process like this proves able to address the painful nature of radiation, then the jihadistic material we know as “enriched uranium” also starts to look vulnerable and mutable, more than we have cared or dared to consider.  Lots of new things to think about.

I trust this is enough to indicate how there is a much larger and deeper understanding of the Atomic World and nuclear energy waiting for us to see. We need to be both rational and mystical, sometimes separately, sometimes together, to realise the universal nature of the Atomic World, the essentially spiritual nature of nuclear energy. All of this goes to flag up the universal nature of us humans, us Humanity.

Look both ways everyone. A new nuclear orthodoxy must seek to know both the physics and the metaphysics of the nuclear processes. We need to treat scientific knowledge of the atom and our spiritual experience of the nuclear processes as complimentary information.

“As above, so below” is how the ancients divined the symmetry of our Universe.

My friend says: “The only way out is to go in deeper.”

Thanks for visiting and considering these insights. Good luck. It is not easy. Especially for the established nuclear authorities. They too will need support, if our experiments show we can influence processes within the atomic dimension.

Ian Turnbull.