7. Look softly into the Atomic World, and wonder if we might heal the atom.

Imagine being quite unwell and a friend brings you to hospital. The first question the doctor or nurse ask is – How you feeling? That information tells the staff where to go next. Meanwhile, in all our work within the Atomic World, we wonder indirectly how the atomic particles are feeling. We check them for radioactivity. This gives us an indication of how they are feeling. It can tell quickly if they are stable and settled, if they are distressed, if they are feverish and running a temperature. If we can go along this path some more, develop a technique ( I am pretty sure this is group work, group work for women) whereby we listen and feel and seek to name the feelings coming out of a radioactive substance (taking care of course not to catch their dis-ease).

We are knowledgeable about the physics of the atom. My thesis is that we dearly need to be concerned and knowledgeable about the psychics of the atom. It is almost the same word. The one comes from looking from the outside, the other comes from being aware how things feel from the inside

The ‘holographic principle’, with its insight of the overarching “energetic symmetry” of the universal system that we live within, and which is equally within us, is the modern equivalent of the Biblical call to “seek ye first the Kingdom of God”.

I like the ‘holographic principle’ for the way that it combines scientific knowledge with spiritual experience. It ask us to look both ways. To treat objective and subjective information as being of equal value. Be rational and mystical. See how the physical nature of things is informed by metaphysical considerations.

The outcome is that we then get to see how our Universe is a system of family systems, one within the other. Like the beautiful motherly Russian dolls with their portrayal of generations living inside the influence of earlier generations.

This children’s poem helped me realise the holographic nature of our Universe.

Big fleas have little fleas, upon their backs to bite ’em. And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so, ad infinitum ….”

When physicists first discovered the atomic realm, their diligent observant inquiring mind was able to recognise how the particles pass little packets of pure energy back and forth to each other: the same as we humans do, as and when we meet and connect with each other. The physicists determined how there are four different kinds of energy in these packets. We are the introspective next generation who are coming to realise how the ‘four-interactive-forces’ that physics observes in every atom, these same four forces are here within and between us humans. Three of them are forms of Love, while the fourth, Gravity, is a form of Light.

I thought for a while that I could only speak about the spiritual nature of nuclear energy with people who already have some knowledge and sense of the atomic realm. But in truth, if you are a parent, if you were ever a child, then you already have profound insight as to the energetic qualities and processes inside of an atom. They are the same as our experiences in our family life. It may be that it is not perfect. So here we need strategies and understanding and friends and conversations to fill gaps. Everyone is doing their best, is my best thought. And now I think we must do the same for the world of the atomic particles, which is full of pain and distress, a consequence of our industrial view of the Atomic World, and our work of extracting energy from the population down in there.

Radioactivity signals that the particles are hurting. They seekto shake off the negative effect by discharging negative ions. This feels like instinctive and natural process. I’ve been there. And found it always helpful to be in a flow of positive energy coming from an individual or a group. Here is an indication of work that I feel we humans can develop, to bathe the fissioned radioactive particles with a wash of our best quality energy.

Realise how we have quite some authority and leverage to influence and affect their well-being, by virtue of our scale of magnitude compared to theirs. By working together, encouraging and enhancing what are we each able to bring to the table, we can feed them, sing to them, create a blunderbuss effect as a first go at visiting their dimension. Their sheer miniscule tiny-ness, relative to us, suggests that we in our turn must be centred and attentive in order to find them.


Okay so far ? How then are we are going to get our good stuff down to them. My thinking follows on from observing the shape and form of the field of whole Light, which we experience pulsating around the Earth each year. The “heavenly photon” formed by the combining light of the Moon and the Sun.

When I had come to see this effect, then, I somehow looked at my experience of being both a child and a father, and saw how we humans, on average, create a similar kind of field in our family systems.

For heaven’s sake, see the universal pattern of ‘feminine power’ and ‘masculine strength’ that parents instinctive and/or traditionally adopt as they/we parent the new life arriving into our family systems. That holographic principle is at work all the time and everywhere. Thank you.

Our experience of masculine and feminine forms of energy coming down to us as quantum packets from the superior heavenly dimension: with the same experience (on average) for our children, looking up to the superior realm of their parents: it is a good way to realise the energetic symmetry of this universal system we are within. For me, it suggests how we humans might in turn create a collective process that combines the feminine and masculine qualities in us humans, in us Humanity … to create an experience for the particles downstairs, of being inside a balanced energetic field of Love and Light.

Now we can observe how radioactive particles respond to this experience. Determine if this kind of approach is good for them. As it usually is for us.

Singing together, in my experience, is the engine room for this kind of an approach. Everyone surely has some sense of the reward of blending and harmonising our voices with others. To create an experience of our shared spirit.

With the help of colleagues, I constructed an outdoor amphitheatre, 8m. in diameter, here in the grounds of the Findhorn Foundation Community, to provide a venue for women and men to sing rounds together. That we create a “circulating field of electromagnetic energy”. The concept seeks to provide a forum for ‘feminine power’ to emerge and coalesce and be tangible and accessible. This is us seeking to learn how to create ‘photons’ at our own scale, with the universal energy that lives generally but separately in the women and us men.

Can we create quantum units of our ‘new clear four-forces energy’, that we can land downstairs in the refugee camps where the radioactive particles are now confined. We will know almost straight away if this process is beneficial for the radioactive particles, by measuring their radioactivity.

The ‘Singing Chamber’ is a pilot model. It has only been used in earnest a few times. On one occasion, we switched off a common household smoke detector. Caused the radioactive isotope that activates this device to stop working. That anyway was my interpretation of the event. This whole approach needs more resources than we have on hand. So I commend it to the big organisations. For we dearly need to explore a new perception and approach to the Atomic World. Have this be the antithesis of the atomic endeavours of the 1940’s, when a team of men worked together to split the atom for the first time, in a homemade “atomic pile”, within the squash courts of the University of Chicago. Now we need to develop an ‘energetic process’ that can saturate the sites where radioactive particles are confined, with photons of our best energy. And it is women’s social and spiritual acumen and electromagnetic maternal love that needs to be at the heart of this whole process.

If we can ease the distress within the radioactive materials, then the nuclear weapons begin to look vulnerable to a friendly collective approach, more than we have so far cared or dared to consider.

Dear Women, a great reservoir of serene oceanic electromagnetism lives within your nation, waiting to rain softly on any given situation. This is the universal quality that I sense will benefit the hurting particles, more than anything else. Your moonlight and tenderness, with us men in a sunny mood to support you.Being a parent counts as spiritual experience, and is a door to knowing how the universal works in us humans. The particles are as children of this universal family system we are within. The radioactive ones are crying and sleepless as a consequence of their journey through our nuclear reactors.

There. That about summarises how I think we can develop a social and spiritual technology to ‘heal the atom’. The rockets we use to launch satellites and humans into outer space, their first function is to overcome the gravity of the Earth. There’s something similar about an Inner Space programme of work. How we need to be together enough to overcome our own gravity and shyness and the resistance in our wiring. That we can give to working creatively together in the world downstairs.

“Healing the atom”. This is analogous to the kind of work that Christ advocated to his disciples. Be as Samaritans to the wounded and bruised people we meet along our path. When two or three are gathered together in My name, He said, He would be there. Here is a good way to start this new work. Love your neighbour(ing dimension) as yourself. This is our responsibility. An approach that will help us grow up a good notch.

The only way out, my Irish friend liked to say, is to go in deeper.