6. That 16th Century Reformation.

“The European Reformation of the 16th Century” is generally known as a religious rebellion that began within the ranks of the Catholic Church. The German cleric Martin Lutheris generally 

martin luther

regarded as initiating “The Reformation”. He was deeply troubled by the excessive authority and avarice of the Catholic Church hierarchy in Rome. His protests were ignored and in the end he was excommunicated from the Mother Church. Being loyal still to his beliefs, he then founded his own church, which became in time what we know today as the Protestant Church.

Because it may help the reader follow my various arguments, I will outline my conclusions here at the beginning of this account. Mainly to say how, four hundred years after “The Reformation”, world society has essentially swopped a single-minded right brain catholic view of our Universe for a single-minded left brain protestant view of this same Universe. Neither way of looking is as good as an approach that combines each of these intellectual disciplines into whole and one holistic account.

A synthesis of catholic insight and protestant outlook allows us to realise the spiritual nature of nuclear energy, and the universal nature of the Atomic World. With this, the universal nature of us humans, us Humanity, also gets affirmed.


Alongside of a liberating theology that Martin Luther brought to this new form of Christianity, another trigger for The Reformation was the seminal work of the Dutch astronomer Copernicus.

Up until this time, the Popes in Rome had decreed that the Earth be regarded as the centre of the Universe. Copernicus risked his life by challenging this Biblical notion with his well-observed concept that the Earth is one of many planets in orbit around the central Sun.

The sheer good sense of this understanding meant that it soon became established as the correct way to picture our heavenly system. This rational left brain view of our planetary system is so satisfying in its depiction of the order and size of the system we live within, that these days and years, even the Catholic Church subscribes to this protestant depiction of this heavenly system.

This artist’s impression (commissioned by NASA (the King of Modern Astronomy)) depicts how most of Humanity now visualises our planetary system.


About here is where I want to “change horses”, and write favourably and approvingly about a catholic view of our planetary system. I find it liberating to know there are two good ways of seeing the heavenly system we are within. The protestant view is wonderfully enlightening with its explanation of how things look and work up there. While the catholic perception is profoundly informative with its insight of how celestial effects work in us down here.

I came to see the catholic nature of our planetary system as a consequence of marrying an Irish woman, and being in the company of the three freshly-minted beings we begat and raised. There was an evening when we were outside and for a while I saw the heavens through the girl’s innocent pre-conceptual eyes. I over-heard them comment favourably on the equal size of the Moon and the Sun. I was virtually thunderstruck. My Newtonian mind prepared itself to instruct them about the measured diameter of these two heavenly bodies. But it was too late. I was reeling about with the realisation that this is our primary view of our heavenly realm. All that knowledge, about the substantial diameter of the Sun and the very modest size of the Moon, would be useful if we lived on these two planetary objects. But while we are here on Earth, it is their remarkable equality that we need to respect, that we can value the sublime nature of the whole balanced lighting system that they create together.

These two heavenly bodies. Not only are they affectively the same size, they share the same period of rotation. They are in relationship with each other. They are like cogs turning together. I learnt this from the young children, and then, typical of an adult, I took their experiential perception a stage further and prepared a map to show the shape and form of the whole field of light that we Earth-bound observers experience being generated by these two same-size heavenly bodies in the course of a year. A year being a unit of time in the particular system which lights this planet.

Look, this is what we see in a year. An whole field of waveform and particle energy is embroidered in the space above and around the Earth by the apparent movement of the Moon and the Sun.

This whole field of whole Light pulsates around our planet, year upon year. This is what every tree, bird, fish, animal, stone sees and feels coming down to Earth. Our protestant mind observes the Sun and the Moon from some arbitrary point in outer space. In other words, a spaced out view. Whereas the children see and feel how we are inside a dynamic field of whole Light. We are inside an experiential effect that physics, in other circumstances, knows as a “photon”. A photon effect that has been pulsating steadily around this planet for several billion years.

This is what the Popes should have seen for themselves. Look with children’s eyes, Christ said to his followers. It doesn’t need a telescope. In fact, it is not possible to see the photon effect with a telescope.

While the Popes did not register or name this whole effect of Whole Light, of Holy Light, I can imagine that the whole experience of being inside a mystical heavenly system informed their belief. This vast heavenly experience is what they instinctively sought to protect from the prying analytical investigations of Copernicus, and his pal Galileo with his new invention – the telescope.

Our catholic nature is moved by viewing the whole star-filled firmament that rotates around our home planet. Look with symbolic and spiritual interest at the ‘heavenly photon’ we experience lighting our world and see how it is formed of the ‘feminine power’ emanating from the womanly Moon, and the ‘masculine strength’ given out generously by the paternal Sun.

Catholic astronomy values the heavenly nature of Light. Protestant astronomy occupies itself with studying the light bulbs. In truth, we need to look both ways: value them equally. Get to see the larger story of the family nature of this whole universal system that we are within, and which equally is within us.

In this mood, observe how this line drawing of a conventional family portrays the general experience most people will have, of the roles adopted by men and women, to fulfil our parental duties and provide love and security for the child. Look how we are influenced by the behaviour of the couple upstairs. We are indeed blessed if we grew up in such a well balanced and stable system as they create together. Everyone is doing their best, is the best I can say in this situation.


Repeating myself. Looking for the silver lining. Glimpses of the holographic nature of our Universe.

That “16th Century Reformation” was like a frontal lobotomy on the intellectual resources of Europe. It turned us into two sets of single-minded people, each preoccupied with seeing the natural world from our own particular side of the fence.

We Protestant-minded people took off along a path of scientific inquiry that made us wonderfully knowledgeable about the material nature of things. We ‘discovered’ the realm of the atomic particles (as small to us as we are small to the Sun) and worked out how to make a device that releases the energy between the particles in a flash (the atomic bomb), or more slowly (the nuclear reactors). We did all of this while keeping at bay any kind of interest in the subjective qualities of nuclear energy, and the family nature of the atoms.

The simple and really pretty obvious observation that atoms are the family and community homes for the particle population, this kind of thinking is virtually forbidden in the nuclear business. We are schooled in the UK to treat subjective data as second rate. Here is the Achilles Heel of all our nuclear work. Now we have a lop-sided view of the particle world. An imperious colonial view. An apartheid view. History is repeating itself and there is no help in us.

We have brought a single-minded protestant consciousness to view the world of the atomic particles when it really deserves to be equally seen and valued by our catholic nature, which is curious and observant and empathetic for the social and spiritual nature of everything. It is the population of the particle world who now need to be seen kindly, with affection.

Look both ways, treat objective and subjective data as being of equal value. Then we will have access to a rounded knowledge of the Atomic World wherein the physics and metaphysics compliment and enrich each other.

The need of our time is for us to heal the mythic ‘cerebral cortex’ that was severed by a religious schism enacted some four hundred years ago. An healthy cerebral cortex puts us back in touch with our natural wholeness. Left alone, I sense that this healing process goes on instinctively within us.

That “religious separation” has served its purpose, in that we have learnt to see more clearly the physical nature of our Universe. Now we need an equal awareness for the metaphysical nature of the Atomic World. Amongst other things, the universal nature of us humans, of us Humanity, is up for renewal.

The Western World has prospered and become powerful because we keep these two skill-sets separate from each other. The intention of this web site is to indicate the larger and deeper picture of the holographic nature of our Universe that forms in our mind’s eye when these two ways of looking combine together. Then, by which I really mean – now, we can develop the skill and mythic muscle to address the nuclear issues that trouble our times.