Welcome thoughtful people.

Nuclear physics has determined how “four-interactive-forces” are at work between the particles in each and every atom. A modest amount of introspection allows us to realise that these same ‘four forces’ are equally present and at work here between us humans.

Holy Nuclear ! The response that welled up in me when I figured this out. The same kinds of energy in us as are downstairs in the atoms. It makes good sense. Three of these forces are forms of Love, while the fourth is a form of Light. We are part of a deeply sensible and symmetrical universal system, more than I had realised.

The legacy of the atomic bombs exploded over Japan makes our civilian intellect uneasy with everything nuclear. Remember though, shadows from the past are unreal and prevent us seeing the positive and universal. Replace fear of things nuclear with a curiosity for the profound nature of nuclear energy and the social qualities of the nuclear processes. Yes, lighten up on the whole nuclear subject. The only way out is to go in deeper.

The same energy in us as is between the atomic particles suggests the potential we humans, we Humanity, have … to develop some kind of collective spiritual approach whereby we might beneficially influence “energetic processes” at the atomic level.

It is not always easy to realise that our knowledge of the Atomic World is laden with patriarchal attitudes inherited from the generations of men who first discovered and described this smaller world to us. Another reason to look again, be curious, have our imagination available to dwell on the evidence of the particle world being social and sentient, more than we have so far cared or dared to consider.

We know how to split the atom: the new challenge is to determine if we can repair or heal the atoms, which are in effect the family systems, the virtual homes for the particle population who fill and form the Atomic World: being the next-floor down dimension of this wholesome universal system of family systems that we are all within.

The unstable radioactive elements look available for such an approach. If we can ameliorate the phenomena of radioactivity, then the ‘enriched uranium’ that fuels many of our reactors and all the nuclear weapons, also looks vulnerable and receptive to being made stable.

My abiding sense is that ‘healing the atom’ is women’s work, more than men’s. We men know how to take things apart, to see how they work. Addressing the distress within the fissioned particles requires the maternal electromagnetic power that lives mainly amongst and within women.

Thanks for getting your inquiring mind in here. Good luck all of us, that we begin to recognise the universal nature of the Atomic World, which in turn flags up our own universal nature.


Ian Turnbull.

Findhorn, Scotland.


Published October 2018. Modified January 2019